Logo Scavenger Hunt

Typed Logo Quiz

  • Take a screen capture of your results.

  • How many did you get correct of the 20 logos?

How well can you spot the differences?

  • Which ones did you miss and why? 

  • What were some of the defining features that made it tricky to distinguish?


Logo Change Over Time

  • What are the changes that Apple made over the years?

  • Why do logos evolve or change over time? 

  • Does the evolution or modernization result in a more effective logo design? Why or why not?

  • Can you cite an example of a logo that you remember changing and the results?


Deciphering A Logo

  • What is this logo promoting?

  • What role do the colors have in the design?

  • If the colors were changed to green and/or blue, what kind of message would it portray about electricity?

Discarded Logos

  • How many different logo design styles did you notice?

  • Discuss the reasons why you were able to pick out different styles. Think of typeface and graphics.

  • Which logo design is your favorite and why do you think you favor this one over the others?